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We’re doin live cover of Ariana Grande’s “Almost is Never Enough”, thats why it’s far from perfection. But we love the song so much. Hopefully you guys could still enjoy the song.

Performed by: Gamaliel & Audrey Tapiheru
Piano: Julius

Recorded at Roemah Iponk

Mixed & Mastered by: Ivan Gojaya

Director of Photography: Gamaliel Tapiheru, Ivan Gojaya



“It was just, the most amazing experience i think all of us have had.  And every night you come back from kind of everything that we were doing and you just sit there and think about the people who are living there, they have to go to sleep feeling like that and then wake up and do it all over again. That whole thing, having to live like that, is crazy and shouldn’t happen anymore. So hopefully we can make a difference…. When you’re there and you’re in it (you get) the full scenery thing ,you know, you get the smells, you get eyes hurt from the smell, you’ve got the cough. You’re just there and you’re feeling it all. It’s a bit overwhelming and we had moments. I think that if you don’t cry, you’re a super human…You don’t expect to have connections with people and it’s crazy how quick you get connections with children who live there. You feel upset leaving them and saying goodbye to them, it’s crazy. ” -Harry (x/x/audio)

(Source: harryxzayn)

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